September 30, 2004


Dear Friends,


Marking the completion of our first job, it is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to announce a new business venture, 'Pipe Organ Consulting,' and related pipe organ services. On September 25, we successfully completed the testing of our work, leathering the console combination-action power, switch coupler and reversible coupler, pneumatic actions, of the M. P. Moller pipe organ console at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, New Britain, CT.


The decision to open 'Pipe Organ Consulting' is a happy one, although I personally am sad that my wife Gretchen Louise Elgert Hill, is not now here to share the joy. I do look forward however, as do my associates, to working with you at what we know - Pipe Organ Work, with skills developed over more than a quarter century of experience. It will be a renewing pleasure for me and my associates to provide the finest level of pipe organ services you desire for your instruments. Together we can create more wonderful tunings for concerts, A.G.O. events, regional workshops and worship services for inspiration, fond memories, and the joy which life gifts to us.


We look forward to doing our very best for you and I am confident about moving forward secure in your support and well wishes for the future. Please feel free to call about any pipe organ service needs.


Looking forward to receiving your inquiry for this fall and beyond, I thank you for your support on behalf of my associates and myself.


With all best regards,

Allen J. Hill
1-800-922-1662, Ext. 20
163 Dayton Road
South Glastonbury, CT 06073