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Posted February/March, 2006 - Updated January - February, 2009

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    It is a great pleasure to have the pipe organ maintenance services of Carl Meshanic as a Tuning/Service Associate of Pipe Organ Consulting. In the pipe organ business for 19 plus years, Carl has an expansive range of pipe organ expertise in all areas of maintenance, both in the shop and in onsite field repairs.  His experience spans from shop leathering of all pipe organ components, electrical wiring, organ pipe and chamber cleaning, complete chest refurbishment and New Chest Building, in 2008, (see below), to the routine, ongoing maintenance and tuning of pipe organs large and small, all across South New England.

Carl, at his Brooklyn, CT shop, can build or repair any Pipe Organ Chest Components. 
Please Click here to See Austin Action leathering, in progress.

His care and precision in Chest Building, Pipe Handling & Racking, are second to none in the industry.

Above and below: Three Views of the 'New,' Elim Park Swell Chest.  Click here for Swell Chamber View.

       However, Carl's pipe chamber tuning skills are far from routine. While examining the Great Mixtures at The Mother Church, Boston, in October 1996, (see photo below), I saw and heard the late-Larry Phelps hold Carl in very high regard. To paraphrase, Mr. Phelps said to me, "Carl is the best pipe tuner I've ever known.  He has the perseverance and most patience I've ever seen, when it comes to the fine tuning of mixtures."  [Click on Larry Phelps, to read more about the instruments and career of this wonderful, quiet gentleman: a true and thorough master craftsman in the art of pipe organ building.]

       'Fine-tuning' is one facet of what precise organ care is all about and many of you may know of Carl having serviced and tuned your pipe organ at some point in the past.

        Carl looks forward to serving your future professional organ concerns, along with me and the other associates of Pipe Organ Consulting, to provide the finest of personalized, outstanding care.

        Schedule your next pipe organ service/tuning call with Pipe Organ Consulting and experience what we can do for you and your budget: Expert service, at a most reasonable cost.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Allen J. Hill

Principal Consultant & Technician

Pipe Organ Consulting

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South Glastonbury, CT 06073

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