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Scott Yonker, Director of Music, First Congregational Church, Worcester, MA.,

talks about his Austin Pipe Organ, newly releathered by P.O.C.

"Thanks again for the terrific work on the actions and leathers.  The organ sounds amazing. 
Much more support to the sound.  We had Music Sunday today, (May 17, 2009)
and I played almost the entire service.  The organ performed great."  Scott Yonker
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Call for Pricing: 1-800-922-1662, ext. 20

All Leather is Inspected   Austin - Primary Boards


   Austin - Manual Motor


Austin - Pedal Actions 

Precision for Mounting is 'Key'     Tight Sealing Gasketing for Quiet Leak Free Operation     Austin - Swell Motor Primary

       Austin - Frogs    Austin - FUA - Frog Unit Action

            Austin - Frog Unit Action       Austin FUA



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